Building Insulations

We also can provide the same quality of work insulating your building(s). We work primarily using batt type insulations, not sprays or blown type insulations. Please contact us for more information.


We WILL NOT add insulation to attics or enclosed areas such as existing walls in most instances due to potential moisture and/or mold problems. This occurs when there is not a proper vapor barrier and water vapor in the air moves from indoors where it is higher in concentration, to outdoors where it is lower, trying to equalize concentrations.  The water vapor moving in this direction reaches a point cold enough to condense (in the insulation) not only making the insulation less effective, but possibly creating water damage, as well as mold and mildew growth in these areas.

Most building codes typically recognize such needs.

Older buildings often have a few inches of blown in insulation with little or no vapor barrier installed. Unless the existing insulation can be removed first, and a new vapor barrier installed along with the insulation, you are likely asking for problems far greater than just high heating bills or cool areas.

We DO NOT remove existing insulations in attics, or other areas. There are companies who do, but we are not one of them. We WILL insulate your new construction or addition providing your are willing to have it done right. This is the only way we will do it. And we WILL pay close attention to detail regarding the insulation work we do, so that YOU DO NOT wind up with cold spots, pealing paint, etc., as a result of sloppy or slap together workmanship.

IF YOU WANT IT DONE RIGHT, give us a call.




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