Fire Stopping

Penetrations thru floors and walls typically need to be sealed in such a way as to protect against fire spreading from one area to another. It is generally not sufficient to seal such openings with cement or mortar to satisfy safety codes.

Envision a plastic (PVC) vent pipe running from floor to floor, in the middle of a fire. It would quickly burn away, leaving a hole for the fire to continue on. In fact the pipe itself may help to spread the fire. However, with the use of an intumescent fire stopping sealant, the hole is closed by the sealant as the pipe burns away. For this reason manufacturers of such sealants must determine what is needed to stop such a fire for each type situation, create a "design", and have it tested and verified by UL and/or other such agencies.

Grease Duct/Smoke Hoods require fire stopping as well. The heat generated in a grease fire can quickly start other building materials in proximity of the grease duct on fire. For this reason, insulation blankets specifically designed and approved for preventing the spread of fires are required by nearly all localities. Again, such materials must be applied in accordance with the UL or other agency designs to assure protection against such fires, as well as to meet local codes/requirements.

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